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4 May 2012, 19:56

So, from the 11th (which is this Friday coming up) until the 16th (the following Wednesday), Melissa will be off on an epic quest to the land of misspellings and easter eggs and I will be here, with next-to nothing to do (I do have 8 hours of marking that will probably take under 3 to actually do sometime between 1500 Friday and 1200 Monday, as well as needing to be at work from 0900 to 1000 on Monday and Wednesday).

Also, I have noticed, that with the exceptions of my family(s) and work people, I don’t get to see people much any more. Probably since I got married. Maybe a little after that. Honours at least.

Anyway, to rectify both these situations, I am proposing that people do stuff with me. There are a few issues (which are open to negotiation, depending on the awesomeness of whatever it is):

  • I have no transport except my legs. So stuff like “can you meet me in Karori?” will get a “no”. However, I can get to town or Kelburn or someplace like that. Basically anyplace within about an hour of walking. In case you don’t know, I live in Kilbirnie.
  • I have no spare money. So don’t try to take me shopping or something like that. Plus I don’t like shopping.
  • I don’t get dressed up. If I can’t go somewhere in shorts, I’m not going.

So, a few suggestions:

  • Make me cook you dinner (not sure how safe this will be).
  • Go for a walk.
  • Buy a ginormous bag of candy, and give it to me.
  • Get a big red crayon, and practise writing “0” on lots of assignments.
  • Make me play games (this will have the added bonus of annoying Melissa).
  • Whatever it is that people do with their friends. Chill or whatever it is.
  • Watch a movie (I have a big arse screen, and I could probably even get a projector (though not at my house)).
  • Pretty much anything else you can think of (modulo those almost-conditions above).

Oh, how to contact me. If you don’t already know. I have a cellphone (021366055) that I will endeavour to actually look at. Just don’t be surprised if I ring as opposed to texting. I also have a lot of email addresses which are all of the form $\langle$some selection of characters$\rangle$ shift-2 yomcat.geek.nz. There are about 3 selections of characters that won’t get to me, and they’re very hand to figure out. Or you could click the email link over here.

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