16 April 2012, 06:32


  1. Do I have nothing to say, or do I want to say nothing?
  2. Why am I so opposed to organised religion?
  3. Is it worth it to care?
  4. Am I really going to be ready to submit by the end of the year?
  5. How do I get rid of door-knocking salespeople, apart from working ``normal’‘ hours?
  6. Will I make it to 100 in Football Manager?
  7. What is the point of everything?
  8. I appear to be mellowing out.
  9. Are existing friendships worth cultivating, even if the effort does not appear to be symmetric?
  10. Is explaining what I really do possible?
  11. Will Melissa find employment, keeping me in Wellington?
  12. Do I want to stay in Wellington?
  13. Why do certain things rile me up so much?
  14. How important is money?
  15. How do engineers solve the rigid body problem?
  16. Is life really better now, or is it just me thinking it is for some reason?
  17. Why do I keep forgetting the random verb?
  18. What can I do?
  19. Is social media worth continuing?

Posted by Michael Welsh at 06:32.


  1. 3. I have often wondered the same thing.
    9. I think so.
    10. Probably, but perhaps not practical given limited time.
    15. Yoga.
    16. Probably the latter, though I do not know enough to say.
    19. I think it can be useful.

    qwandor · 19 April 2012, 12:38 · #

  2. Hmm. I changed to numbered list (because counting is hard) and it went bold. I should look into that.

    3. I’m currently tending towards “not overly”, or “sometimes”, depending on the phase of the moon. 9 is related.

    10. Yes, I could give a 4 year course in maths and then people might understand…

    yomcat · 19 April 2012, 17:21 · #

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