Present List 2018

22 October 2018, 22:55

Melissa has asked for this.

  • Power tools, specifically anything from the Makita 18V (or double 18V) range. I recommend Bryan at Marton Outdoor Power for all your Makita needs. A few specific options:
  • Hand tools. In particular, I could do with a decent drill bit set, a wrecking bar, a pinch bar, a plane, some clamps, or anything else that Dad has in his shed that I no longer have access to (this goes for power tools as well).
  • A nail gun (it allows one to do nailing by oneself). Placemakers is probably the place to go.
  • I’m still after camera gear, though I have pretty much all the lenses that cost less than a car. That new flash looks pretty nice though.
  • A UE Boom (or the Makita version).
  • A job.
  • Shorts.
  • A Hilux.
  • Recipe books, especially ones that specialise in muffins.
  • If you’re city, if you’re country.
  • The complete set of Ronald Welch novels.
  • It’s probably about time I upgrade my iMac as well.
  • Some high-quality bluetooth headphones (bonus points if noise-cancelling)

Posted by Michael Welsh at 22:55.

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