Day 29 - Processed White Flower

2 June 2014, 08:56

Monday is a good day to play with post-processing. This is a photo from Christmas. I like my photos to be slightly darker, so I polarised the entire image. I applied a cayenne tint (helps with the polarisation) and pushed the definition slider (to improve sharpness, the 55-250 is really soft) all the way up. There’s also a little chromatic aberration, but it appears to have been modified by the definition and tint, so I couldn’t get rid of it easily.

GIMP is horrible. I had a slightly older version, but I have just downloaded the latest native (woohoo) version. Hopefully that will improve things. Note: I only used GIMP to create the before/after thing above, the real editing was done in Aperture, which is a nice app.

Tomorrow, I gauge the reaction to a battery pack.

Posted by Michael Welsh at 08:56.


  1. I had hoped the flower would be processed before being photographed.

    qwandor · 2 June 2014, 22:07 · #

  2. Now that you mention it…

    — yomcat · 3 June 2014, 18:02 · #

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